this nest is going mobile!

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The empty nest is hitting the road!

The empty nest is hitting the road!

“Someday we’re going to sell everything and travel around the country in our RV.” That’s what we’ve been saying for years, and now it’s finally coming true. In about three weeks, we will head out for a year of travel and adventure. I’ll be chronicling the journey on this blog, so stay tuned here and follow me on Twitter (@EmptyNestTales) and Facebook.

In the meantime, here are answers to some questions that are probably starting to form.

Q:  Are you crazy?
A:  Tell you in a year.

Q:  Where are you going?
A:  We’re keeping our options open. At the moment, the plan is to spend a month here in Colorado and then head to the Pacific Northwest via Jackson, Wyoming. From there, we’ll work our way to New England for the fall foliage, then head south and west until we’re somewhere warm and sunny for the winter. We’ll hit some places we’ve visited and loved, like the Oregon Coast, and many places we’ve never been.

Q:  Did you really sell everything?
A:  No, but enough to fit our belongings, along with a few things we’re saving for the kids, into a couple of storage units.

Q:  Is it hard to downsize?
A:  Yes and no. There are plenty of “good riddance” items, but many hard decisions as well — especially for a pack rat like me. It seems a little easier for my husband, who donated so many of his jeans to charity that he actually had to go out and buy some new ones.

Q:  Are you going to keep working?
A:  Yes. I’m very fortunate to have long-standing relationships with clients who’ve agreed to the arrangement. Since all I really need to work is a computer, phone and internet, it doesn’t really matter where I am.

Q:  Won’t you miss everyone?
A:  Yes, but many of our destinations will be chosen to visit family and friends with whom we haven’t been able to spend time lately. We’ll also be returning to Colorado several times as we crisscross the country so that we can see our kids.

Q:  Are you going to come back and live in Glenwood Springs?
A:  We’ll tell you when we know!

Q:  How are you going to live and work in an RV?
A:  We upgraded our fifth wheeler this spring with this adventure in mind. It’s a toy-hauler with a back room that serves as a garage when we’re moving, my office during the week and guest room when needed. It’s very livable compared to our previous RVs, with comfortable furniture, a large tub/shower and a king-sized bed.

Q:  Do you know what you’re getting into?
A:  We’ve done a lot of thinking and research so that we’re as prepared as we can be. “Living Aboard Your RV” by Janet and Gordon Groene is a wonderful resource, and the Gypsy Nesters are funny and inspirational.

We are going to be asking you for ideas as we travel to new destinations. Thanks for reading Tales From the Empty Nest. Hold on tight; the next year is going to be a wild ride!

11 thoughts on “this nest is going mobile!

  1. good on you. we left new zealand after 2 months of planning and people ask us now.. what’s next? most of the time our answer is a shrug of the shoulders. looking forward to reading more of your RV’ing musings. happy travels. ~regina


  2. Yay! What an exciting adventure!

    If you need any tips on the Pacific Northwest, I grew up just south of the British Columbia border and know the area really well, both side of the border!


    • I will definitely hit you up, Heidi! I have family just outside of Portland, so we’ll stay there a bit and then head down the coast into Northern California.


  3. Mandy, I’m very proud of you for raising exceptional kids, building wonderful client relationships over the years, and selling your house… all of which had to come together to make this happen. Enjoy it all! Godspeed, my friend.


  4. YAY – so excited for you guys! We started out just this way – took a year, made no plans, overdue visits to family and friends. That year was so wonderfully transformational, we haven’t stopped yet – six years and counting! We hope this year sparks new wonder into your lives together. Keep us posted! -David & Veronica


    • Thanks! I love reading your posts. The travel posts are inspiring, and the personal stories about parenting have been helpful as we prepare to be vagabond parents. One you shared a couple of years ago about ways to make your adult child move out still has me laughing. Luckily, we did not have to resort to any of those methods. – Mandy


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