travel tuesday: casa grande ruins

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casa grande ruins national monument

We discovered this historical treasure during our 10-month RV road trip in 2014 and 2015. It is not too far from where we spent the winter. An ancestral Sonoran Desert People’s farming community and Great House are preserved at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Whether the Casa Grande was a gathering place for the Desert People or simply a waypoint marker in an extensive system of canals and trading partners is just part of the mystique of the Ruins. Read the known history of this national monument here.

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A closer look at Casa Grande.

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2 thoughts on “travel tuesday: casa grande ruins

  1. I didn’t know this existed!

    How awesome. I love how many ancient ruins are in the Southwest, even the southwest of Colorado!


    • We’d never heard of it, but the history is fascinating. They built this incredible system of canals to support a large farming community, then disappeared with no clues as to who these people were or where they went.


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