10 months, 10 states, 14 getaways

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2022 travel map

Ten months and a few days into 2022, and we’re blowing past all of my travel goals for the year. My heart was set on at least one getaway each month and to go someplace new. In the first five months, we made seven trips to six different states.

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travel tuesday: camping on the flat tops

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Love where we live! This was one of our first camping trips with the Lance truck camper that we bought in 2017. We always try out our new campers close to home in case we forget something. This spot is in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area just an hour from our house. The Flat Tops are part of the White River Plateau with an average elevation of about 10,000 feet. Approximately 110 lakes and ponds, often unnamed, dot the country above and below numerous flat-topped cliffs. Roughly 100 miles of fishable streams are in the Wilderness.

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