travel tuesday: drink local beer!

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Boulevard Brewing Co.

We stopped by Boulevard Brewing Co. while we were in Kansas City, Missouri, visiting family last week. Though we’ve been drinking Boulevard Beer for years, and even carry it in our store, we’d never actually been there. Start in the Tours and Recreation Center, but be sure to schedule a tour beforehand if that’s on your agenda. It’s located on Southwest Boulevard, hence the name.

Boulevard Brewing in KC
The Tours & Recreation Center at Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City.

We just wanted to enjoy a cold brew, so we went straight up the stairs to the Beer Hall. They’ve got 30 taps, so you have plenty of options. Flights are available, and so is food. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we sat out on the patio and enjoyed our beers and the spring weather.

Beer Hall at Boulevard Brewing
The Beer Hall at Boulevard Brewing has 30 taps.

Boulevard Brewing is the largest craft brewer in the Midwest, offering its family of fine beers in 41 states and 11 countries. The first keg of Boulevard Pale Ale rolled out the door in 1989. It’s still a big seller. Boulevard also produces Fling Craft Cocktails in cans and Quirk Spiked and Sparkling Hard Seltzers.

If you go, stop by the gift shop and bring me back a t-shirt. And while you’re in the area, eat at Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen. It’s almost always our first stop when we get to Kansas City.

Thanks for reading Tales From the Empty Nest. Stay tuned for more travel adventures!

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3 thoughts on “travel tuesday: drink local beer!

  1. Pretty building! KC is a fun city. I’d love to go here!

    We always find a brewery when we visit a new place. Even when we’re international!

    And now, for some reason, I want Mexican food. Oh yeah, I always want Mexican food!


    • There is a lot of fun to be had in KC, and so many good Mexican restaurants! I was going to take a pic of my tacos at Ponak’s, but there was a new sign as we came in that said no photography or videos. Weird.

      We always try to hit up a local brewery and/or winery when we travel, too. On our big road trip, we unexpectedly discovered some wonderful wineries in Arizona, Idaho and Virginia. Albuquerque is on my bucket list now because Gruet makes truly great bubbly there!


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