travel tuesday: 5 months, 6 states, 7 getaways

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map of 2022 tales from the empty nest travels

We are crushing my goal of at least one getaway each month in 2022! So far, we have visited six states on seven getaways. Here’s a quick recap.

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January: We kicked the year off with a mini-staycation in Palisade and Grand Junction that included visits to a brewery and winery and some incredible food. Soon after, a Colorado road trip took us to Denver for the RV Show and on to Colorado Springs for a relaxing weekend with our best friends.

February: Valentine’s Day in Ouray, one of our favorite towns, was the ticket for a romantic hot springs soak, wonderful food and wine and a stay in a charming room in a historic inn. And, of course, some shopping.

Family dinner in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Highly recommend JJ’s Bar & Grill!

March: Wedding bells, sunsets on the beach, time with family and friends, and seafood were highlights of our vacation that started in Arkansas and led to a week on Anna Maria Island in Florida. We’ve only been on the island twice, but it’s quickly become one of our favorite places in the world. Oh, and two nights in Fayetteville, Arkansas, met my goal of visiting at least one new destination this year.

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April: We took our show on the road twice in March with camping trips in Utah, where it usually warms up a little quicker in the spring. There was sunshine, rain and a little snow along with lots of trail time in the RZR, campfires and catching up with family. Plus, I was inspired to redecorate our camper with a beach theme after our Florida trip! The month ended, literally, with a mini-staycation in Palisade for the Sip Into Spring wine festival on the 30th.

Sip into Spring Palisade wine fest
Sip into Spring Palisade wine fest.

May: On the road again, this time to Kansas City, Missouri, for a whirlwind visit that started with waiting out a hail storm under an overpass and a night in Junction City, Kansas. Once we arrived, we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, visited a brewery, spent one night visiting my family, had a nice visit with my mother-in-law, celebrated our niece’s college graduation and spent one night with my in-laws. Whew!

Idyllic setting for our niece’s college graduation celebration.

We are easily on track to beat my travel goal for the year, which is a real accomplishment since we’ve been short-staffed at our retail store. June looks good for at least one camping trip, and we have the Keystone Wine and Jazz Fest scheduled for July and a family reunion in Montana booked for late July/early August. Plus, we’ll be meeting friends for a camping and riding trip in Bryce Canyon in September.

Hope you are getting out and enjoying life as well, even if it’s in your own backyard. Stay tuned for more Tales From the Empty Nest.

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4 thoughts on “travel tuesday: 5 months, 6 states, 7 getaways

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re getting out so often!

    Can you believe I’ve never been to Florida? Ryan can’t believe it either. But I grew up mostly in Washington State and Florida is a long ways away. Plus, my dad had a thing for National Parks, not Disney. Ryan thinks I was deprived as a child. LOL!

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    • Well, then my kids are deprived, too. We took them to lots and lots of National Parks, state parks, etc., but they’ve never been to Disney. Funny that I’m not really an amusement park person even though I represented one for 18 years! We weren’t Florida people either until we visited the Gulf Coast and got away from the big cities.


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