desert vibes for march camping

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Spring fever and camping fever arrive at the same time at our house each year. This year was no exception. In fact, it might have been heightened by the fact that I redecorated our camper with a beach theme after our trip to Anna Maria Island in March!

We always spend one night in the camper in our back yard before heading anywhere, just to make sure everything is working properly. Always good advice. More good advice: Unplug the camper if you’ve had it plugged in all winter. We learned that the hard way this year. 

Boondocking for the weekend in eastern Utah.

Our first outing was boondocking just over the Utah border, where it’s usually warmer for spring camping. We knew something was wrong as soon as we started setting up. Our truck-top Lance camper has a remote control for the jacks and for putting the rooms in and out, which we’ve had problems with on and off since we bought it in 2017. (Otherwise, we love it.) Long story short, our batteries were on their last legs, and it took everything my hubby had to get us level with the rooms out. 

Fast forward to lights out, literally. The batteries were completely dead. Too dead to even start the generator. Luckily, our truck has a remote start, so we were able to let it run for a few minutes until we had enough juice to start the generator. We let that run long enough so that we had power last until morning.

My RZR-loving boys!

Fast forward to a couple of hours later when we woke up shivering. Apparently one propane tank had run dry, and we hadn’t opened up the valve for the other tank. It was 40 degrees inside. That meant hubby going outside in his skivvies to change over to the backup tank. It was a long, long, long night! It reminded me of my very first, very bad, camping vacation.

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Things brightened up the next day, and we had a beautiful RZR ride on the trails there and a cozy campfire that night. And then we bought new batteries as soon as we got back home.

It was a little early, but we did see a few blooms here and there.

Two weeks later, we returned to the same area with Scott’s cousin and his wife. There was a lot of rain, which we desperately need, but it was still great to get away and spend time with them. I’m glad we were able to squeeze two weekends in because work and an upcoming trip to Kansas City mean we won’t get the camper out again until June. If you are keeping track, we are way ahead on my goal of getting away at least once a month in 2022!

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Enjoy some of the scenic photos from our these two trips to the desert.

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3 thoughts on “desert vibes for march camping

  1. “We always spend one night in the camper in our back yard before heading anywhere, just to make sure everything is working properly.”

    I told my mom about this on the phone yesterday. They bought an Airstream last year, but haven’t taken it out yet. They are booked for one night at a KOA in their town this week, but I told them they could just camp in their driveway!!!

    I’m not sure if they will like it or not. I heard firsthand from a friend’s mom who bought an RV two years ago. They are already considering selling it because it’s too hard to set up! I hope my parents’ Airstream is easier.


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