travel tuesday: hummingbird wars

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The hummingbirds are back! I am lucky enough to see them from my office for a few months every year, but remote camping in the high country brings even more of the hungry little hummers to the feeder. One year, I relaxed in a chair nearby with my good camera and captured some great shots of these flying jewels.

Peace, at last. At least for a minute or so.

These pics were taken at 9,300 feet above sea level in Gunnison National Forest. Be careful if you wear a red hat. They’ll buzz your head all day long!

Thanks for reading Tales From the Empty Nest. Stay tuned for more travel adventures!

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2 thoughts on “travel tuesday: hummingbird wars

  1. Love these photos! I love hummingbirds. One of my greatest travel memories was watching dozens of them in front of Sagebrush BBQ in Grand Lake. We also saw a bunch at St. Elmo (the ghost town). And, once, one got stuck under the patio at the cabin. Got out after awhile but we started to think maybe they aren’t that smart!!!

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    • Thanks! St. Elmo has SO MANY hummingbirds! And chipmunks. We ride there whenever we’re camping nearby if the snow isn’t too deep. We had one come in the house once. That makes for an exciting few minutes!


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